Indentured Servants And Wild Parties: Inside NYC’s Secret Mansion

A video tour of the Secret Mansion, posted to Instagram on Dec. 10, 2016, shows the venue’s main floor and basement area which had been fitted with a stage, makeup room and a private couch area for “doing the smokey.”  Photo: Instagram


A Swedish party planner is accused of throwing lavish affairs in the “Secret Mansion,” a suspected illegal venue and hotel set up in a Kensington home he didn’t own and that he ran using unpaid “indentured servants” who lived in its basement.
The enterprise fell apart when one of those “servants” refused to clean his dishes. The “master tenant” demanded the woman leave his house, then called 911 to report she’d armed herself with a knife and refused to leave, according to legal documents and several interviews.
“It is a really bad situation,” said Kay Quesada, a 21-year-old college student who says she spent months living in the basement of 846 McDonald Ave. under the unofficial employ of Robin French.
Quesada has not been allowed back since her run-in with police on Sept. 12. But her husband remains in the building where French allegedly earned thousands of dollars listing rooms and “pods” on Airbnb as well as selling tickets to boozy, raving parties.
The impromptu business has been going for almost two years, according to building owner Josh Einhorn. It appeared at the same time as a Redditor named Robin420 boasted he earned $110,000 annually without doing any work.
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Indentured Servants And Wild Parties: Inside NYC’s Secret Mansion


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