15 Times the Heirs to Massive Fortunes Disappeared Under Mysterious or Disturbing Circumstances

The young man's mother, Gail, received a ransom note demanding $17 million for the safe return of her son.

The harrowing 1973 abduction of John Paul Getty III has inspired numerous films and books. Vittoriano Rastelli / Contributor / Getty Images




Being the heir to an extraordinary fortune comes with its own set of risks.

Namely, having a familial link to an uber-wealthy person could prompt an unscrupulous person to kidnap you for ransom.

The abduction of rich and prominent heirs often generates a considerable amount of media scrutiny. In some instances, the victim is returned relatively unscathed. Other cases throughout the years have resulted in more sinister and tragic outcomes.

Here’s a look at a number of heirs to massive fortunes who vanished under suspicious circumstances:

The wife of a furniture magnate disappeared after leaving behind troubling clues.

Nelson Rockefeller’s son went missing in a remote part of the Netherlands New Guinea.

The Lindbergh baby’s kidnapping sparked a media frenzy and new laws.

Frank Sinatra’s son was held for a $240,000 ransom.

A Kmart heiress went missing after accusing her husband of abuse during divorce proceedings.

A millionaire’s son was abducted in 1953, prompting the biggest ransom in American history at the time.

The wife of Piper Jaffray’s CEO was snatched while gardening outside her home.

The grandson of the world’s wealthiest man became embroiled in a famous kidnapping case.

Abductors brutally murdered a department-store heir in San Jose.

Kidnappers held the nine-year-old son of a timber tycoon in a hole in the woods.

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