20 Cars Hidden Away In Hugh Hefner's Mansion

Hugh Hefner and his Cadillac Series 62
The Hugh Hefner story is an intriguing one. In his younger years, before he became a famous figure of the adult entertainment industry, Hefner wrote and illustrated comic books. No one probably expected him to go on to become a successful entrepreneur, let alone live out a rags-to-riches tale.
Although Hefner passed away a year ago, he left behind an indelible legacy, leaving proof the American Dream exists and is attainable. Even though he didn’t come from a rich background, Hefner was able to start a business that allowed him to live comfortably for the rest of his life. His lavish and decadent lifestyle was widely known and coveted.
Along the way, Hefner acquired a few cars as a way of adding to his status as a sophisticated entrepreneur. As someone who recognizes cars and what they represent, Hefner and his business went out of the way to award its female models with automobiles. If they became models of the year, they often got their own car. Here’s a look at some of Hugh Hefner’s cars in his collection along with some of the best cars Playboy awarded to its standout models year after year.
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20 Cars Hidden Away In Hugh Hefner’s Mansion

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