See The Huge Mansion Used For The Show “Empire”

Are you a fan of the TV show “Empire”? If you are, then you may be interested in the mansion we are featuring today.

This is the mansion of the character Lucious Lyon that is featured on the new hit Fox TV show, Empire. The mansion, which is currently on sale, is located in the town of Barrington, IL, a well-known, ritzy NW Chicago suburb. The home is close to the town where we originally started in the limousine business (South Elgin/St Charles, IL). Though when Mr. Williams was there (back in the early 80’s), this area was just a large horse pasture and farmland, as was most of the area, now cluttered with mega-sized homes.
The lakeside mansion was built in 2008 after the land was originally acquired in April 2003 for $1,100,000.

The mansion and estate is currently owned by Sam Cecola, owner of Chicago’s Admiral Theatre strip club (actually in Albany Park, IL). Mr. Cecola previously owned Club Paradise, a strip club in Las Vegas, but had to give up ownership due to legal problems that involved tax fraud and possible connections to the mob. The elegant, 3 story, 20,000 square foot mansion, with 5 bedrooms and 9 baths, was originally listed last June for $15.9 million then removed from real estate listings until recently reappearing at $13.9 million.  The French Country style estate looks rather sophisticated, possibly a reason it was selected for the show, and sits on eight acres of prime Barrington land overlooking 2 lakes.

Please excuse our not so great images. At least they give everyone a general idea of what everything looks like. Thank you for your understanding.

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