Newport's Breakers Mansion Updated With Geo-Thermal Climate System

The Breakers Mansion in Newport is visited by nearly a half-million people every year, but it’s never had an air conditioning system of sorts, until this summer.
Now, a new eco-friendly, geo-thermal climate control system is up and running.
Back in the Gilded Age, more than 100 years ago, a year-round heating and air conditioning system wasn’t invented yet, nor was it really necessary, although it probably would have been desirable, for the Vanderbilts that were only at the posh place for a couple weeks in the summer.
A million dollar, eco-friendly geothermal air modification system was designed and installed at the Breakers to keep a constant low humidity level, cutting energy costs in half, all while utilizing existing duct work, to do the job.
A critical component of this geothermal system is a series of 75 wells that are buried 100 feet deep under the back lawn of the mansion that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.
One can only guess the Vanderbilts would have had the same system installed back in the day, if the technology existed, when they called this stunning edifice their “summer cottage”.
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Breakers Mansion now equipped with $1M ‘geothermal air modification system’

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