Mansion Murders: Day 6 of Daron Wint trial brings graphic photo of Philip Savopolous' burned body


Day 6 of the Mansion Murders trial began with an argument over a photograph – and laying out evidence that prosecutors believe will eventually point to Daron Wint.

The photo in question was of 10-year-old Philip Savopolous’ burned body.

The defense argued that it was too disturbing and didn’t want it shown to the jury. The prosecution said it was important to illustrate the extent of the fire and the damage caused to Philip’s body.

Mr. and Mrs. Savopolous decided to leave, while Jim Martin – Amy Savopolous’ father – stayed.
Lt. Corey Goetz with DC Fire and EMS returned to the stand. Wearing his dress blue uniform, Goetz described the harrowing scene when he entered the second bedroom.
It was dark, smoky and as he stepped forward, Goetz said he started to fall through a hole in the floor. The hole, he said, was unexpected – because the house wasn’t in bad shape and he didn’t think the fire had been burning for that long. As he fell, he grabbed for something to hold on to.

Judge Juliet McKenna said she would allow it. In the gallery, a victim’s advocate huddled with Savopolous family members, suggesting they may not want to be in the courtroom for that part.

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Mansion Murders: Day 6 of Daron Wint trial brings graphic photo of Philip Savopolous’ burned body

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