Rare Kennedy Photos – Go Inside America's Most Famous Family From Their Vacations To Home Life As Vast Collection Opens A Window Into Camelot

In this circa 1948 photo provided by the Kennedy Family Collection, courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, members of the Kennedy family pose for a photo in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. They are from left, John F. Kennedy, Jean Kennedy, Rose Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., Patricia Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy, and in foreground, Edward M. Kennedy. The Boston-based museum completed an 18-month project in 2018 to catalog and digitize more than 1,700 black-and-white Kennedy family snapshots that are viewable online, giving a nation still obsessed with 'Camelot' a candid new glimpse into their everyday lives. (Kennedy Family Collection/John F. Kennedy Library Foundation via AP)

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum completed an 18-month project to catalog and digitize more than 1,700 photographs. The extensive photo album, which can be viewed online, shows the family throughout different decades. The photographs are black and white, and at times are out-of-focus or spotted, but one thing is crystal clear: the glamour of the Kennedy family.

More than 1,700 vintage snapshots of the Kennedy family at home and on vacation are now available for viewing online.

Here’s a young, shirtless JFK, baring six-pack abs and smirking poolside while striking an un-presidential pose. There’s Rose Fitzgerald not-yet-Kennedy in her Sunday best, long before she’d become the family matriarch and trade girlhood grins for imperious stares. Here’s Kathleen Kennedy, awkwardly twisting upside down in a skirt to kiss Ireland’s Blarney Stone. There’s little Teddy Kennedy on the playground, sporting skinned knees.

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum completed an 18-month project to catalog and digitize the photographs that’s sure to feed the nation’s continuing obsession with Camelot.

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