Estate Of Billionaire Matthew Mellon Sued Over Masturbation

Nicole Hanley and Matthew Mellon in 2014. Credit – Desiree Navarro/WireImage

The estate of late billionaire Matthew Mellon has been served with a $1 million lawsuit for sexual abuse. The Blast website reports that Laura Banuelos alleges in a lawsuit that the late tycoon frequently masturbated in front of her and demanded that she cook-up his drugs.
She says the first incident took place in September 2017, when she says Mellon asked her to bring breakfast to his room. When she entered he was already naked and masturbating. “He knew that she was coming to his room. She looked at his face and he looked at her face. He continued to masturbate. “She left the breakfast and quickly left the room,” the documents state.
The following month there were two similar incidents when she was summoned to his room only allegedly to find him pleasuring himself.
The former employee revealed that Mellon told her: “That she had to learn how to cook drugs (cocaine and heroin) if she worked for him.
“She was asked to prepare drugs for him. He constantly pressured her into taking drugs, but she refused.”
Banuelos also claims; “On one occasion, he offered to buy a house for her, pay off her IRS debt, pay her child’s tuition and give her money in return for traveling with him and having sex with him. When she refused, he fired her.”
She is seeking $950,000 for the alleged sexual harassment and the resulting severe emotional distress.
The banking heir battled addiction for years and checked into rehab numerous times throughout his life.
Mellon died earlier this year in Mexico, at age 54. He was said to be on his way to rehab at the time.
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