Historic Pillars Estate, Is Now On the Market For Just $500k – But There Is a Downside

The estate has served both as a private residence and event venue. It looks cheerful enough for a wedding from the outsideSpooked owners of magnificent $1million country estate rush to sell the property at a knockdown price of $500,000 because it is HAUNTED.

A magnificent country house in New York is selling for half its original price but the only downside is that the property is haunted by one of its former residents.

It took 11 years for  the property’s current owner, Tony McMurtrie, to restore the home to its original glory.

Dubbed The Pillars Estate, the property comes with a ballroom, antique furnishings, and even an antique front door key.

It was built in 1878, a few years after the Civil War ended, in Albion, New York.

‘This house has just got so much feeling to it,’ McMurtrie told Zillow. ‘I actually think every house speaks and has it’s own story’.

The caretaker, Cora Goyette, claimed there have been instances of ghosts moving around and the piano tends to play, saying one can sense ‘a very real spirit’.

The ghost is a lady named Patricia Carr, the wife of the original owner of the property Charlie Carr.

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The Pillars Estate, located outside Albion, is now on the market for $500k – but there is a downside

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