Former Waste Management CEO David Steiner Dumps $15.5 Million on Emerald Bay Mansion

The $15.5 million Emerald Bay manse

Turns out there’s been plenty of big sales down yonder in recent months, but tonight we wanted to post a quickie tale about a house in Laguna Beach, arguably the most expensive neighborhood in Orange County. And the most expensive neighborhood pockets of Laguna — as y’all should already know if you’ve been following this blog for some time — are the Irvine Cove and Emerald Bay gated communities. We shall discuss the latter today.
Emerald Bay is more than just another posh, exclusive rich people neighborhood. It’s a whole lifestyle. Not only does the enclave have one of the slickest websites we’ve ever seen (for a gated community, that is) but the hefty HOA dues go toward maintaining a staffed community clubhouse, six tennis courts with a full-time tennis pro/instructor, a 1/2 mile private beach, volleyball courts, basketball court, kids’ playground, three private parks, a heated swimming pool complex, and much more. Heck, the community even has its own fire station.
Current Emerald Bay homeowners include UFC billionaire Frank Fertitta III, LA Fitness CEO/owner/founder Louis Welch, and James & Nancy Baldwin, the couple who currently rank #1 (by several country miles) on the top 500 list of delinquent California taxpayers with an incredible $271 million owed in back taxes. (Think your life is stressful? Imagine Uncle Sam chasing you for more than a quarter billion in tax money. Feeling better?)
Today’s house sits directly across the street from Mr. Plattner’s $45 million compound and was sold to an LLC last month for $15,554,000 by real estate mogul James Slavik. Though the public real estate listing does not include any photos of the home’s exterior, it is a large Mediterranean-style blufftop structure squeezed in between two other big mansions, as y’all can see below.
Anyway, the buyer is a guy from Houston, Texas named David P. Steiner. While he ain’t a celebrity, Mr. Steiner’s name may ring a bell if you follow big business — he toiled as CEO of Waste Management, America’s largest trash company, from 2004 to 2016.
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Former Waste Management CEO David Steiner dumps $15.5 million on Emerald Bay

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