Joe Huber's Family Farm and Restaurant sold, will remain in business

In a follow-up to a story posted last weekend, the Joe Huber’s Family Farm and Restaurant was bought by some of the family members at the auction held this Saturday. Here is the story from WDRB’s Joel Schipper.

STARLIGHT, Ind. (WDRB) — $2.7 million is what will keep the 156-acre Joe Huber’s Family Farm and Restaurant in business.
40 bids came in Saturday during the five-hour auction, several from Samtec founder Sam Shine. Shine purchased the majority of the land, but the Huber family was able to buy the lot with the restaurant and barns.
The land had been split into 20 tracts. Of those 20, the family home was the only lot that didn’t sell. Auctioneers tell WDRB they don’t know yet what will happen to the home.
Video cameras were not allowed inside the auction and Shine’s attorney refused to comment on the sale.
Huber family members were hoping to buy the property, to save the family legacy. Jenna Clem, a daughter of the late Joseph Huber III, said she put together a joint offer with Shine to buy all the land for $2.5 million, but it was declined.
“It will still be Huber’s and it will still be pumpkin patches and chicken and dumplings and hopefully a lot more family tradition and memories made,” Clem said. “This is such a sigh of relief.”
The sale of the family farm and restaurant does not impact Huber’s Orchard and Winery, as it is owned and operated by a different branch of the Huber family tree.

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