Khalid Nabs a Starter Home in the Encino hills

Anyway, Yolanda’s ears perked up when Vlad mentioned the big “E” word, so we took a peek and discovered the new owner is a dude we ain’t ever heard of: Khalid Donnel Robinson. But three seconds of Googling reveals that Mr. Robinson — like Beyoncé and Omarosa, he’s known mononymously by his given name — is a very big deal in the music industry.
Though he’s barely out of his teens and first came to public recognition a mere two years ago, the R&B crooner Mr. Khalid has already established himself as a reliable hitmaker. His debut single, the mellow “Location“, was the 21st biggest hit of 2017 on the Billboard charts and has been certified 5x Platinum. The follow-up single “Young Dumb & Broke” also went Platinum, and  his song “Love Lies went top 10 here in 2018. Oh, and his debut album American Teen was recently certified double-Platinum here in the states.
Last year, Mr. Khalid embarked on a nationwide tour. Every single location (pardon the pun) sold out, including a massive 1,500-seat arena in his hometown of El Paso, Texas (or Hell Paso, as Yolanda’s friend Lilly — a native of the area — calls it). So congrats, Mr. Khalid. Yolanda doubts you’ll have any trouble paying for your fancy new starter home.
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