Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn arrested over 'significant' financial misconduct

Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn arrested in Japan
Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn

Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn, one of the auto industry’s most high-profile executives, has been arrested by prosecutors in Japan after an internal investigation revealed “significant acts of misconduct” over many years by him and another top executive.

The stunning announcement ripped through a powerful global alliance, slamming the stocks of Nissan (NSANY) and Renault (RNSDF), where Ghosn also serves as chairman.
Together with Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors (MMTOF), Nissan and Renault make up the biggest global carmaking alliance, which makes one of every nine cars sold around the world. The three companies employ more than 470,000 people in nearly 200 countries.
Nissan said in a statement that it had been investigating Ghosn, a 40-year veteran of the auto industry, and another board member for months following a whistleblower report.

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Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn arrested over ‘significant’ financial misconduct

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