Tax cuts for the wealthy won’t address Maine’s health care needs

George Danby | BDN

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As a registered nurse in Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center’s emergency department for several years, I saw our state’s health care crisis up close and personal.

I dealt with folks addicted to opioids with no place to go for proper treatment. There were elderly people with blood pressure out of control because they’d been splitting their costly pills with spouses. Others skipped them altogether to pay for heat. Some patients were so fearful of insurance co-pays and deductibles they’d only drag themselves into the hospital when they were too sick to go on, which made them much more expensive to treat.

I wish Rep. Bruce Poliquin could have experienced some of those heartbreaking cases. Then maybe he wouldn’t have voted twice in nine months for huge tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthy and corporations while endangering health care for Maine’s working families.

He made his first wrong choice last December. That’s when he supported the GOP’s $2 trillion tax cut boondoggle that this year hands over a fifth of the benefits to the wealthiest 1 percent, pushing the federal deficit to $779 billion, the highest in six years. Then just last month he did it again, voting for a second round of tax cuts that this time will give the top 20 percent of earners nearly two-thirds of the benefits and cost a staggering $3 trillion through 2038.

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Tax cuts for the wealthy won’t address Maine’s health care needs

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