Fentanyl Billionaire No More: John Kapoor's Net Worth Drops Below $1 Billion

John Kapoor’s net worth dropped to $875 million on Friday. Photo By Jamel Toppin for Forbes

The founder of embattled fentanyl manufacturer Insys Therapeutics is no longer a billionaire. Five years after joining the Forbes Billionaires List, John Kapoor now has a net worth of $875 million.

Kapoor’s fortune is mostly comprised of his stakes in Insys Therapeutics and generic drug manufacturer Akorn Inc., whose shares fell 24% on Friday after a Delaware judge allowed German drugmaker Fresenius to officially terminate its merger agreement with the Lake Forest, Ill.-based company.
Read more at Forbes starting at ‘Back in 2017, Fresenius had announced plans to acquire Akorn in a deal valued at $4.3 ‘ at……Fentanyl Billionaire No More: John Kapoor’s Net Worth Drops Below $1 Billion

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