John Fogerty Tosses Down Nearly $7 Million in Encino

Inside the new place.

John Fogerty, the co-founder of the 70’s group, Creedence Clearwater Revival, has added to his growing real estate portfolio in the LA area.
The new owner’s identity was carefully concealed behind a blind trust, but Yolanda did her usual sniffin’ around and discovered his name is John Fogerty.
Yolanda hears through the grapevine that the property will not be occupied by Mr. Fogerty — rather, it was reportedly purchased for one of his sons. Given that our boy has four adult children — two of which are men — we aren’t certain which son will be living here. But we rather suspect it is 27-year-old Shane Fogerty, the elder of the two and also musically inclined like his pops. Must love them at least $7 million worth!
BWN Says: Daddy Fogerty? I am your new son Mark, I won’t ask for much, I would take one for $200,000………..
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John Fogerty tosses down nearly $7 million in Encino

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