Look Inside the 120-year-old Maplewood Mansion Built by Hand That's Being Sold For $1.3 Million

Elizabeth J. Crandall has fond memories growing up in the 120-year old stately home that her father built in Maplewood.
On summer days, she’d wait with friends and her brother, Benjamin Jones Jr., for a treat from the ice man on the back porch. Like the milkman, he’d climb down from his horse and wagon to deliver a block of coolness.
“All the kids would gather there, and he‘d chip a little ice and let us all have a chip,” Crandall said.
In front of the house at 580 Prospect Street, they roller skated and played roller hockey. Walking to and from nearby Tuscan Elementary School wasn’t a problem, either. Nobody ever bothered them when they  left the Queen Anne style home, a Victorian era design known  for its circular towers, steep roofs, porches and decorative gables.
After a recent open house, the estate agent said, “Never in 21 years in real estate sales have I seen such a turnout,” Northfield said.  “It’s an exceptional home.”
With an exceptional history from the family that lived there.
Look inside the 120-year-old Maplewood mansion built by hand that’s being sold for $1.3M
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