The Beckhams Get $33 Million Cash From Billionaires Stan Kroenke & Ann Walton

the beckhams' $33 million mansion - now owned by a walmart heiress ann walton kroenke
The Former Beckham house now owned by Walmart Heiress Ann Walton-Kroenke and her husband, Stan – Photo Yolanda’

Last September (2018), David & Victoria Beckham sold their longtime LA home for $33,142,500 in an all-cash deal. Though Yolanda had heard rumblings that the transaction was goin’ down, it took us several long months to sort out the buyer’s identity. That’s surprising because, well, there are very few folks in LA who can afford to pay $33 million cash for a house.
But before we get to the buyers, let’s have a wee history lesson. Way back in 2007, the Beckhams paid $18,200,000 for a brand-new spec mansion in Beverly Hills.
Back in 2016, the Platinum Triangle gossip grapevine ran amok with talk that multi-billionaire sports mogul Stan Kroenke and his multi-billionaire Walmart heiress wife Ann Walton Kroenke were interested in acquiring the Beckhams’ Beverly Hills property. But alas — for reasons that Yolanda ain’t privy to — the deal fell through.
And yet the Kroenkes must’ve wanted the Beckham abode quite badly. As we’ve already mentioned, the house eventually sold for the $33+ million a couple years later (in 2018), and it turns out that the LLC-shielded buyers are — you guessed it — none other than Mr. and Mrs. Kroenke. It seems they came back for seconds and weren’t gonna take no for an answer this time.
BWN Says: We have looked this place over from above and for the life of us we just don’t know what draws them to the house that much, except it is crammed between a whole group  of other homes. Maybe privacy or something, but with their kind of money, we are sure they could get ANY place, any where they wanted.
The Kroenke family

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The Beckhams get $33 million cash from Stan Kroenke & Ann Walton
david beckhams former house
David Beckham’s Former House -Here is what we mean by crammed between other homes.


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