Wei Dong Lays Out $12.5 Million Cash for Matthew Perry’s Bird Streets Perch

Former view actor Mathew Perry used to have from his Bird Streets address.

Sometimes Yolanda hears exceedingly random things through the real estate grapevine — stuff so random we can’t even decipher what it means. Case in point: the stunning Bird Streets abode sold last year by Friends actor Matthew Perry. Records reveal Mr. Perry made bank on this transaction — he got $12,500,000 in an all-cash deal after buying the property for just $8,500,000 and making few changes during his seven years of ownership.
The home was technically acquired by a bizarrely-named corporate entity, but our longtime informant Laurel N. Hardy says she’s quite certain — she swore it on her new latex bustier, in fact — the buyer is a Mainland Chinese fella named Wei Dong.
A quick trawl through the interwebs reveals there are at least two prominent Wei Dongs in China — one a pharmaceutical tycoon, the other a senior executive at a giant government-owned food group called COFCO. Forbes pegs the former’s net worth at $1.8 billion, so he’s certainly got the money. The other died in 2008.
But anyway, the mysterious Mr. Dong — whoever he is — does not actually reside in the lavish Hollywood Hills home. Rather, the property is occupied by a young woman named Connie Jiang.
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