4 Day Spring Blowout Sale – Mailing Lists To The Wealthy

Announcing Our 4 Day Spring Blowout Sale!
Get ALL the addresses we offer, plus 1 update, 15 sample letters to just fill in and send, plus ALL the addresses of Alpine, NJ (City of the Wealthy), a PDF Handbook of All About Direct Mail Marketing, all for just $29.95! –
A list of this caliber normally sells for $1,000-$5,000, but we are here to help people less fortunate and not able to afford a high price. That’s why we only ask for our overhead costs, benefiting everyone involved! Order any list and we will send you ALL addresses we offer. Great for marketing to HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals). Our HNWI list is a must for any marketing to the wealthy needs you may have. Our lists are great for thousands of reasons, some being;

• Ask for help to start a new business
• Great for any type of non-profit
• Art galleries for show invitations
• Country Club membership recruitment
• Yacht, art, and auto dealers looking for the richest people to sell too
• Home staging, interior designers, and house sitters
• Contact the richest people in America about a political party affiliation or donation
• Send any sales literature to billionaires or ask for a grant for college
• Send personal letters, fund raising, or charity contribution requests to billionaires
• Let the billionaire know about your latest investment opportunity
• Inform the billionaire about your Limousine Company or hotel
• Send information to billionaires about a new product idea you have
• Perfect list for wardrobe and hair stylists, masseuse, and personal care attendants
• Perfect for real estate agents looking for billionaires to sell/buy mansions to or from

• Save yourself from homelessness, car repos, foreclosure, and utility shut off
• Perfect for aviation businesses looking for billionaire and millionaire clients
• Excellent tool for all high volume sales people looking for top of the line clients
• Our list is a MUST for stock brokers, investors, and high end securities companies
• Use our mailing list to reference names to follow on stock market trades
• Perfect for fund raising campaigns, lobbyists, and political groups
• Excellent for attorneys looking for higher end clients
• A must for construction, home builders, security, and security equipment companies
• Great for landscape architects
• Lawn care service industry-rich people spend hundreds of thousands per year
• Just for fun – Using Bing Maps with bird’s eye view you can see a 360’ view of their beautiful mansions and estates
• Marketing to the wealthy of any kind – And thousands of other uses!
• Or just ask for money. As we know there are thousands of reasons we could use cash