6 Ways To Get The Wealthy To Donate More To Charity

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study this week from price comparison website Compare The Market shows that the richest do not necessarily donate the most.
The ranking, which divided the total donations of billionaires by their net worth found the average billionaire gave 3.76 percent of their net worth to charity. However, many donated less than the 2.2% that the average non-billionaire donates. Among them is Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, and Denise Coates, founder of bet 365.
In the U.S., Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit that provides advice to charities and individuals, found ultra-wealthy American families donated just 1.2% of their assets to charity in 2017. While in the U.K. the median level of giving among those with £1 million to £10 million ($1.2 million to $12 million) in investable assets is just £500 ($645) a year according to the Beacon Collective, a campaign group.
Most would agree these percentages are trivial compared to what they could be. Follow the link to see six ways to encourage those with wealth to donate more of it.    6 Ways To Get The Wealthy To Donate More To Charity
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