Affordability For Whom? An Opinion

Here is an opinion we believe applies to people all over the U.S. just with different names, so we thought we would share it with you.
“We hear a lot from Governor Phil Scott about how affordable he is making Vermont. I wonder what that means and who benefits from it most.
We know that he has worked to reduce property taxes, especially property taxes on non-residential property (investment property, second homes, etc.). Who pays property taxes? To the best of my knowledge, around 50 percent of Vermont families own property, much less than 25 percent own investment property.
It is easy to see that Scott’s affordability efforts favor the wealthiest Vermonters. In fact, the upper 10 percent of Vermonters apparently own about 50 percent of the property, by value. It is clear that Scott is reducing taxes for the wealthiest Vermont property owners … but not so much for the bottom 50 percent of Vermonters.
He also seems to have little feeling for hard-working families. He vetoed the paid family leave bill, which would have made a huge “affordability” difference for working families. He also vetoed the $15 minimum wage bill which would have helped about 80,000 hard working Vermonters increase their standard of living. More [than] 60 percent [of] these people are women; 40 percent are primary wage earners for their families. Governor Scott has made Vermont less affordable for these struggling Vermonters.
It is clear that Scott’s “affordability” is for the wealthiest Vermonters, and does little for middle-income Vermonters and actually hurts struggling Vermonters. That is why I will not be voting for Scott and will be voting for Christine Hallquist.”
Bob Zeliff
Bridport and Shoreham

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