Amanda Knox Bought $718K Mansion Before Asking For Wedding Funds

Amanda Knox and Chris Robinson – Trying to take advantage of a good thing? Photo: Google Maps – Instagram



Who Does She Think She Is?

Amanda Knox and Chris Robinson are asking fans to donate thousands to help throw an extravagant space-themed wedding even though they secretly married in December 2018. Now, can exclusively reveal they purchased a beautiful mansion overlooking the ocean for a whopping $718,000 before asking fans for cash!

In a Statutory Warranty Deed obtained from a King County Court, Knox, 32, and Robinson, 37, purchased a home in Vashon, Washington.

According to Zillow, the home was listed for sale on January 26, 2019 for $725,000. The couple bought the house for $718,000 on March 13, 2019.

The stunning 3,650 square-foot home boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms and has a large deck that overlooks the beach!

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What We Would Like To Know

We hear Amanda Knox was in Italy a short time ago. Who paid for that trip? Wouldn’t most people stay away from that place? Afterall they treated her so terribly and wouldn’t let her go. Isn’t she afraid of more problems there? Wouldn’t most people thank everyone for all they did for you, the gifts, and everything else, and then go on quietly with your life? Does she now think she is a celebrity or something special? We totally think she is trying to take advantage of a good situation. Anyone who gives this woman more money – is crazy if you ask us.


Why Not Go Back To Italy?

Maybe the people in Italy will still feel sorry for you. Why not go back there and ask for more money?



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