Anderson Cooper to inherit less than $1.5 million from mother Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt were always very close.

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt – A WireImage – Getty Images


When heiress Gloria Vanderbilt died and left almost everything in her will to her youngest son, Anderson Cooper, there were suggestions that he could inherit up to $200 million.

Vanderbilt’s will states that her eldest son, Leopold “Stan” Stokowski, will get her Midtown co-op at 30 Beekman Place which is valued at $1.2 million, but “all the rest” of her estate goes to the CNN host. It wasn’t initially clear how much Cooper would receive, but it was assumed to be sizable given online reports about her net worth.

However, probate documents filed after the socialite’s death in June reveal that Cooper will actually receive less than $1.5 million — the total value of her estate at the time of her death.

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