Art billionaire accused of ‘charging’ at wife over Keith Haring statue

Libbie and David Mugrabi
Libbie Mugrabi — the estranged wife of billionaire art-world mogul David Mugrabi — hauled a Keith Haring sculpture into a Manhattan courtroom on Friday in an attempt to prove her husband “tussled” with her over the $500,000 piece of art.

A friend of the divorcing couple testified in court on Friday that Libbie feared for her life after a tug of war over the prized Haring sculpture.
“Libbie said, ‘Don’t go! He’s going to kill me!’ ” the pal, Lauren Amar, said.
Then David “charged at Libbie and to that sculpture,” Amar added, referring to the 20-inch-high Haring piece.
“They were both wrestling with it, tussling with it,” Amar testified. “He said, ‘You’re taking my things!’ ”
Then, “Libbie ended up on the floor and yelled for her sister to call 911,” Amar recalled about the July 10 incident in the dressing room of the couple’s East 85th Street apartment.
Amar said David then shoved her out of the apartment and repeatedly pushed the door into his 102-pound wife.
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“Mr. Mugrabi then . . . yelled at us and said, ‘You’re lowlifes . . . and gold diggers,’ ” Amar said.
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Art billionaire accused of ‘charging’ at wife over Keith Haring statue

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