Bel-Air Residents Accuse City of Abetting Illegal Mega-Mansion Construction

Bel-Air residents accuse city of abetting illegal mega-mansion construction
The unfinished mansion on Strada Vecchia Road in 2017. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

Bel-Air residents living downhill from a massive, unfinished mansion that spurred criminal charges have already lodged a lawsuit against the real estate developer behind the project, trying to force him to tear down the colossal building.

Now they are pursuing new claims in their suit, alleging that the city of Los Angeles knew and failed to stop illegal construction at the site.

The move follows an assertion by a city investigator that a Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety inspector got “items of value” in connection with his work examining the mammoth project on Strada Vecchia Road. In an October deposition, Randolph Osborne testified he had turned over information to the FBI after his probe turned up evidence of possible wrongdoing.
In reaction, neighbors Beatriz and Joseph Horacek and John and Judith Bedrosian are seeking to add new claims against both the city and real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, who pleaded no contest last year to criminal charges involving illegal construction at the Strada Vecchia Road site.
Residents have long questioned how the building department, whose employees repeatedly inspected the project during construction, failed to recognize sooner that the colossal house included entire bedrooms, decks and a theater that prosecutors said were never approved by the city.

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Bel-Air residents accuse city of abetting illegal mega-mansion construction

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