Billionaire AOL Co-Founder Steve Case Says He Waited 10 Years For The Moment He Realized His Company Was a Success

Billionaire Steve Case

America Online became iconic in the 1990s, helping to make browsing the internet part of everyday life for millions of Americans.

It was also the first internet company to go public, when it listed on the Nasdaq exchange in March, 1992. “But nobody really cared,” founding CEO Steve Case told Business Insider for a recent episode of its podcast, “This Is Success.” He said most traders and the business media saw it as “just like some quirky little computer services company going public.”

AOL began its life in 1985, as a company with the much less catchy name of Quantum Computer Services. Case explained that AOL’s rise is a case study in the patience and perseverance required in bringing about massive shifts to an industry or even society as a whole. “It was easily a decade after we got started,” that he felt like his company was a success, he said, and it was on a day when AOL was down and the country freaked out.

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Billionaire AOL cofounder Steve Case says he waited 10 years for the moment he realized his company was a success

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