Billionaire Bill Gross Sells Stamp Collection For Record Price

If I asked you right now, “what would you pay for an unused block of the 1857 5-cent Jefferson Perforated Stamps?”, what would you offer? (No fair Googling it.) Would it be $500? $50,000? If I told you that it was Bill Gross’s, would you then be surprised to learn that $500,000 would be closer to its price?
On Wednesday, 103 treasures from his collection sold for a shade over $10 million, setting the all-time record for a single day stamp sale. The Jefferson Perforated’s, at $472,000, were not even the top lot. That honor went to the 24-cent 1869 Pictorial Inverted Center, which fetched almost $750,000.
Scott Trepel, the President of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, which sold the collection, enthused “It was a truly unprecedented night for philately.” The average lot fetched approximately $100,000; by comparison, most lots sold at Siegel each year bring only $2,500. Hundreds of bidders participated, and 120-plus actually took the time to go to the gallery to bid live, (an increasing rarity in the online era.) Willing to make the trek were a nonagenarian ex-U.S. Ambassador, a tech pioneer from Pebble Beach, CA, Gordon Eubanks, and even some curious bystanders. Sounding a bit like Charlie Brown, Trepel effaces, “It’s hard to find somebody who wants to come watch a stamp auction.” Yet, he himself might have been part of the reason the room was packed.
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Billionaire Bill Gross Sells Stamp Collection For Record Price

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