Billionaire Clive Palmer to fund new power station in Queensland

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Just what we need is another place spewing out carbon dioxide. Why does this billionaire need to do this? Because he is making money, and doesn’t obviously care about life, animals, his children, or the environment. I guess $1 billion isn’t enough for him. It’s a shame he doesn’t go deep into one of his mines and take a big deep breath.
— A new coal-fired power station in Queensland, Australia could be in development soon. The plan for the 700MW power station was proposed by Waratah Coal chairman Clive Palmer in an attempt to lower down energy costs in the area.
The coal power plant will be located in the Galilee Basin with construction set to start in 2020. The project, which will help provide power to Queensland, will also be used to support mining operations in the area.
Palmer will fund the A$1.54-billion project which will also support his company’s Galilee Coal project situated about 30km north of Alpha. The power station will provide power to mining which aims to produce export coal, as well as other projects, including the North Galilee greenfields.
To raise funds for the development of the power station, the multi-billionaire businessman will liquidate some of his assets.
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Billionaire Clive Palmer to fund new power station in Queensland

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