Billionaire Harry Macklowe’s new wife: ‘I kind of saved him’

wife Patricia Landeau is Macklowes second wife after a $2 billion divorce last year.
Billionaire Harry Macklowe and wife Patricia Landeau inside their $20 million Upper East Side apartment – Photo Courtesy of Tamara Beckwith via the New York Post



Newly divorced and recently married billionaire developer Harry Macklowe, 81, and his new bride act like teenagers who can’t keep their hands off each other. “We don’t go to sleep — we talk in bed all night,” said Harry of Patricia Landeau, 63, a French former fashion executive and mother of four. The two wed March 7 after Harry’s bitter, and very public, divorce from Linda Macklowe, his wife of nearly 60 years.

The two met in 2011 at a private showing of his art. Patricia was instantly smitten: “It was love at first sight — on my side, not his.”

They met again two years later when she attended a friend’s dinner party — not knowing he was on the guest list — and found herself seated next to Harry.

Harry gave his ex half of his reported $2 billion so he could be with Patricia.


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