Billionaire Superyacht Celebration: Who's Who in St. Barths for New Years

St. Barth skyline and harbor – GETTY

The annual visit to St. Barths for the holidays is one of the most exciting times of the year and especially now since the island has bounced back from the devastating Hurricane damage with numerous resorts open for action. There are now almost 800 luxury villas available for rent on the island, and its popular beaches are also back to normal. Among the resorts open for the holiday are; Cheval Blanc, Hotel Le Toiny, Hotel Christopher, Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa, Hotel Manapany and Le Sereno most featuring new suites and villas.
The legendary superyacht showdown is also making a comeback this year with many high profile billionaires and celebrities already anchored outside of Gustavia and the surrounding areas. With superstar New Years Eve entertainment planned this year including Mariah Carey performing at Jack and Lucia Penrod’s newly re-opened Nikki Beach, the nightlife will be over-the-top.
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Billionaire Superyacht Celebration: Who’s Who in St. Barths for New Years

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