Billionaire Torstein Hagen Shells Out $11 Million in Malibu’s Sea Level Enclave

The Viking Star, Mr. Hagen’s flagship

Sometime in the mid-1970s, that big gate was built to make Sea Level Drive a private street. Allegedly — so the stories go — residents installed the thing without proper permits. And since all California beaches are public property, those imposing iron bars provoked years of lawsuits and anger from ocean-lovin’ outsiders. But eventually the legal hanky-panky was settled, and the gate remains. Keep in mind, however, that the beach in front of these homes is still open to the public — gated community or not. Accessing that sand is just a more roundabout affair these days.
Recently a fancy residence in the enclave sold for $11,400,000 to a mysterious offshore corporation. The deal was totally off-market, so we sadly don’t have pics to share, but here’s what the place looked like when it last transferred back in 2012 for $6.5 million. The buyers then were Tony & Josephine Antoci, the married owners of the Erewhon supermarket chain.
If y’all have never heard of Erewhon, it’s a small (but expanding) LA chain that deals in organic and specialty food items. Think Whole Foods, but even more expensive. Naturally the natural-food-based business is booming here in health-crazed SoCal.
As for the $11.4 million buyer, we happen to know that he’s a billionaire businessman named Torstein Hagen, the founder and CEO of Viking Cruises.
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Billionaire Torstein Hagen shells out $11 million in Malibu’s Sea Level enclave

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