Billionaires List Top 20 – Bezos Still Richest Person In The World

Jeff Bezos Continues To Top Billionaires Wealth List As The Richest Person In The World
— Amazon’s Jeff Bezos continues to rule the billionaires lists no matter what publication you read it. His current $118 billion, is still enough to keep him as the richest person on the planet.
The former richest person in the world, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, continues his slow, but steady 22 year climb, yet still never reaching that 9 figure bracket, coming in at just $90 billion. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, even with his own privacy scandal bringing him to Washington, managed to climb $285 million this week, to keep him in 7th place at 64.3 billion. The weeks biggest loser was Berkshire-Hathaway’s Warren Buffett erasing $407 million from his wealth, while still holding on to 3rd place with $83.7 billion. Here is how the Top 20 Billionaires panned out for the week of April 8-17, 2018.
Billionaires List - Top 20 Billionaires For The Week of April 8 - 14, 2018
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