Billionaire’s Polo Complex Extension at One of Britain’s Most Expensive Homes Would Spoil Our Lives, Say Area Residents

Park Place - Now Owned By Andrey Borodin
Park Place was sold to Russian businessman Andrey Borodin, for a further record of £140 million, making it the most expensive house sale in the United Kingdom

Billionaire Scandal – Residents claim that plans to expand a polo complex on an estate in Remenham would ruin their quality of life.

Andrey Borodin wants to build a new stable block on the Park Place estate following the demolition of existing outbuildings.

The estate is home to his Park Place polo team, a “top level” side which made the finals of two national tournaments this year.

Representatives of the wealthy Russian exile say the development would allow horses, players and grooms to spend more time on the site, helping them to concentrate on training and playing.

The new stables would allow the estate to accommodate 76 ponies, a typical roster for a high-level polo team. The 52-acre estate already has a stable block which houses 40 horses, along with tack and feed rooms, after being extended last year.

There are 35 other horses in an adjacent stable block and around 15 grooms who work during the polo season, which runs from March to September.

A new polo field was created last year and is expected to be “fully operational” for the first time this season.

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To learn more about who Andrey Borodin is see,


Russian banker with an English palace and a dangerous feud

He is the billionaire banker who left Russia for Britain just hours before he could be detained. Granted political asylum in February – to the fury of President Vladimir Putin – Andrey Borodin has settled in the UK, taking up residence with his wife and daughter in Britain’s most expensive home.

Mr Borodin is accused of defrauding the city of Moscow by making dubious loans from the bank, which then ended up in an account belonging to the wife of the Moscow mayor.

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