Bobbi Kristina Dead – An Inside Look Back At Whitney Houstons Hideaway – Her New Jersey House

Update: It seems as though legendary singer Whitney Houston’s only child, daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has passed away after a 3 week stay in hospice care. Wednesday a tent was erected outside the hospice and a hearse showed up soon after the tent appeared at the back door of Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, GA. After the tent was erected Brown’s loved ones including aunt and guardian Pat Houston arrived to the center outside Atlanta. Many others also arrived looking somber as they entered and exited the hospice.
Photos show the black vehicle backing into the unexplained tent, which blocked views from all angles of what was inside. We believe the family is taking care of arraignment’s and even possible burial prior to the announcement of her death to avoid the press and make this as private as possible .
Bobbi Kristina Brown Finally Gone

Whitney Houston was once the most iconic singer of our time. There will never be another like her or her voice. She was loved dearly by millions of people, yet as we later found out was suffering the ravages of drug abuse and the price of fame. We at Billionaire Addresses will NEVER forget the talent she processed and was able to share with us.

A look back at the sale of the family home back in May 2015.

An investment company that bought the late Whitney Houston’s former mansion in Mendham Township for $999,900 in December has sold it for $1.5 million, according to the real estate agent handling the sale.

The agent, Greg Taylor, said that prior to the sale, Houston’s family retrieved all its belongings from the property in an “amicable” conclusion to the lawsuit Houston’s family members filed earlier this month after the investment company, CPMG Mendham of Jersey City, allegedly refused to grant them access to the site.

Superior Court Judge Donald Coburn in Morristown issued an order granting the family immediate access to get its property.

The home, built 26 years ago by Sherry and Shelly Bitterman, was sold to Houston for $2.7 million in 1987, at the height of Houston’s pop-singing stardom.

According to Taylor, there was a “bidding war” for the house and it sold after just 64 days on the market.

“It was a pleasure working with all the parties to facilitate the sale,” Taylor said. “The property couldn’t have gone to a more deserving buyer that appreciates both the home and the legacy of Whitney Houston.”

Taylor said he is still “receiving calls from people that want to purchase the house,” some at prices in excess of $1.5 million.

The 12,561-square foot home, on five private acres on North Gate Road, was the site of Houston’s 1992 wedding to Bobby Brown and includes five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a six-car garage and 13 skylights.

During Houston’s time in the home, she added a game room, a media room, a professional recording studio, a tennis court, a pool house and an in-ground pool, Taylor said.

The lawsuit had sought the return of 91 items, including a baby grand piano, a jukebox, “valuable” paintings, home furnishings and a Porsche 911. Whitney Houston died two years ago at the age of 48.

Taylor, an agent with Liberty Realty in Hoboken, said families “typically remove things prior to the closings” on homes they sell, but the parties were able to work out the pickup nonetheless.

From another agency;

The New Jersey home that Whitney Houston custom-built and lived in for more than 20 years up until her death has been purchased by one of her fans for $1.5 million.

According to Zillow, the purchaser of the Mendham Township home is Dr. Matthew Krauthamer, a 33-year-old emergency room physician and real estate investor, who bought the home for both business and sentimental reasons.

Krauthamer, who considers himself a “big fan” of the late superstar, plans to sell his home just a few miles away, and preserve Houston’s former abode as a memorial for her.

Houston bought the northern New Jersey mansion at the height of her success in 1987, and lived there until her death in February 2012. It’s where she married Bobby Brown in 1992.

The 13,000-square-foot-plus home has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, and is situated on five acres. The home has curved walls of windows, an in-ground swimming pool, two Jacuzzi’s, a tennis court, and a studio and media room.

The home was first listed for $2.5 million in 2009, and has been on and off the market until this past February, when Commercial Property Management Group bought the home.

Here is a look back at the home. Click for larger images.

We are saddened by these deaths. Our condolences go out to both families.

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