CBS Billionaire Sumner Redstone Kicks His Longtime Girlfriend Out Of His Mansion has reported that the 92-year-old #billionaire who controls Hollywood media powerhouses Viacom and CBS, Sumner Redstone, has tossed Sydney Holland, 44, his live-in girlfriend of four years, out of his Beverly Park mansion. We reported here last year (Is Billionaire Sumner Redstone, 91, Being Controlled By Girlfriend, 43? Another Victim Of Elder Abuse?) that we saw a case of ‘elder abuse’ lurking in the story behind what was really going on with him and his estate.

Sources tell Vanity Fair that on October 12, 2015, Redstone also banished Manuela Herzer, 51, his ex-flame, who seemed to have enjoyed sharing the duties with Holland in caring for and entertaining the billionaire. Herzer dated Redstone during the 1990s and refused an offer of marriage from him, but they remained close friends. Today, she lives a few miles away from his mansion, and, some say, she had taken control of his day-to-day operations, including managing the dozen or so people employed there, many of whom were handling his round-the-clock health care.

But that all suddenly stopped last month when a slew of lawyers showed up at the mansion and along with house staff gathered together and finally gave Holland her walking papers.

Read an in-depth version of this and what is now happening in the life of the billionaire here,

Sumner Redstone Shows Yet Another Ex-Girlfriend to the Door

Below we revisit Sumner Redstone’s house – mansion in Beverly Hills. (Click for larger slideshow)

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