Could This Mansion And Estate Be The Most Expensive Ever Sold In The U.S.?

Could Our Featured Mansion and Estate Below Become The Most Expensive Private Residence Ever Sold In The United States?

We were recently made aware that the Casa Encantada, an historic mansion and estate in the super wealthy Bel Air section of Los Angeles, is privately being offered to anyone who has $225,000,000.00 laying around. That’s right, $225 Million. Not that we are sure the estate can command the rumored price tag, but word on the street is that it probably will come close to that amount on closing day.

In 1950, hotelier Conrad Hilton bought the Casa for $225,000
Casa Encantada Bel Air’s Historic Mansion

The mansion and estate are currently owned by Billionaire financier Gary Winnick who bought the property for $94 million in 2000 from Dole Food Company owner David Murdock who had owned the property since 1979.  Mr Murdock bought the private, knoll-top estate for $12.4 million from Hilton Hotel magnate Conrad Hilton who had owned the highly-sought-after property since 1950.

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Conrad Hilton lived at Casa Encatada for 30 years until he died in 1979.

Conrad Hilton paid $225,000.00 for the property from the original owner, glass manufacturing heiress Hilda Boldt Weber.  During the time she owned the estate, it was known as “Weber Mansion”. Hilda Boldt Weber, was a nurse who married a wealthy mid-western bottle manufacturer who later died and left her Casa Encatada. It is said the Bel Air elite never accepted her and eventually the Casa Encantada upkeep became too much for her. She ended up gambling away most of her money and committed suicide in Santa Barbara. The fascinating story is told in Michael Gross’s wonderful book, Unreal Estate, which is available below. His inside scoop of all the ups and downs of the Casa Encatada’s past is well worth reading and hard to put down. The books below we have chosen for those of you that are interested in these wonderful historic California Mansions. Feel free to support us by clicking on them and reading more about the books contents and beautiful photography.


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if sold for the current asking price of $225 Million, this would make it the most expensive private home in the US
Aerial View Of Back Of Casa Encantada Mansion, said to be quietly on the market for a secret under the table price of $225 Million.

For Better Viewing – Please Click On Image To Enlarge

Casa Encantada was named in the 1930s by its original owner, glass manufacturing heiress Hilda Boldt Weber, making it known as the Weber Mansion for years.
Aerial View Of Mega Mansion and Pool Area Of Gary Winnicks Historic And Expensive Estate Casa Encantada In Bel Air, CA
Dole mogul David Murdock Owned The Casa Encantada Estate For 20 Years Before Selling IT To Current Owner Gary Winnick
Aerial Side View Of Historic Casa Encantada Mansion
How Much Could Gary Winnick Truly Sell His Billionaire Address For?
Aerial Side View Of The Mansion On The Casa Encantada Estate In Bel Air, CA
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Owned By Gary Winnick Since 2000, Casa Encantada Was Sold To Him For A Reported $95 Million
Aerial View Showing The Back Gardens Of The Estate Of Historic Casa Encantada

Current owner Winnick renovated the estate extensively, keeping the grand mansion in the fashion it was intended to be… pristine, beautiful, and high quality. Records show the luxury home has 28,725 square feet of livable space, with 7 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms on 7.45 acres of private property surrounded on three sides by the exclusive Bel-Air Country Club.

The beautiful grounds include a swimming pool, pool house, and tennis court all surrounded by well manicured, stunning gardens.

Casa Encantada was designed by James Dolena with interiors by TH Robsjohn-Gibbins
Aerial View Of Casa Encantada Rumored To Be For Sale For $225 Million

For Better Viewing – Please Click On Image To Enlarge

Historic Bel Air Bellagio Road Mansion Rumored To Be On The Market For $225 Million - The Most Ever Paid For A Single Private Residence In The U.S.
Historic Bel Air Mansion Rumored To Be On The Market For $225 Million – The Most Ever Paid For A Single Private Residence In The U.S.
Side View Of The Historic Bellagio Road Residence Of Gary Winnick In Bel Air
Another Aerial Side View Of The Historic Bellagio Road Residence Of Gary Winnick In Bel Air

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