DJ Khaled Buys A $26 Million Miami Beach Mansion From 'Baby On Board' Sign Creator – See 18 Images

4609 Pine Tree Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33140

DJ Khaled has found his next major key: a 12,750-square-foot mansion in Miami Beach.

Listed at $25.9 million, the waterfront estate recently went under contract, and the hip-hop producer-turned-social media star is the buyer, The Times has learned.
The home belongs to Michael Lerner, who made his fortune popularizing the “Baby on Board” sign. Records show he listed it in 2016 for $29.5 million but trimmed the price by $4 million in March.

Five bedrooms and a mix of modern living spaces fill out the two-story interior. Highlights include an expansive great room topped by Cumaru wood ceilings, a sleek dining room and a kitchen anchored by an oversized island.

Khaled, 42, has released 10 studio albums and boasts collaborations with Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Drake and Kanye West. He became an internet sensation in recent years for his motivational posts in which he details the “keys to success.”
He also made real estate headlines last year when he bought Robbie Williams’ French Normandy-style home in the Mulholland Estates area for $9.9 million.

Here’s a little more about the previous owner of the mansion…..

In 1984, Michael Lerner founded Safety 1st for the purpose of manufacturing “Baby on Board” signs. The inspiration for the signs came not from a deadly accident that took the life of a youngster but from a friend who saw similar stickers in Europe.

Mr. Lerner himself was occasionally worked into the rumor — some versions asserted this childless bachelor had first developed the ”Baby on Board!” idea after losing a son or a daughter in an accident.

From its humble beginnings, Safety 1st went on to become a juvenile products marketer with a lineup that included teething rings, potty chairs, and electronic baby monitors — 650 items at all. The company went public in 1993, then was bought by Dorel Industries Inc., its Canadian rival, for $195 million in 2000.

Because few situations or admonitions are deemed so serious that they rule out all opportunity for humor, straightforward “there’s a child in the car, so drive carefully” requests quickly spawned a number of parodies, including “Baby Driving,” “Warning: Baby is Closer Than it Appears,” and the ever-popular “Baby Carries No Cash.” It wasn’t long before some communities were attempting to bar these parody signs, stating their presence took away from the message conveyed in the original and worked to desensitize drivers to what was meant as a safety measure.

Michael Lerner was similarly displeased by the parodies because he believed they mocked a serious effort to achieve safer roads. ”Our concept was to really improve driver awareness of child safety,” he said. ”Car accidents are the number one cause of child deaths in the United States.”

In 1986 a study conducted by a Bronx assemblyman’s office found humorous plays on the “Baby on Board” sign outnumbered the real thing by five to one.

Michael Lerner spent about three years building the 12,600-square-foot house at on Pine Tree Drive but is now relocating to Palm Beach, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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