‘Endangered’ Frank Lloyd Wright Home In Glencoe Sold For $550,000

The Frank Lloyd Wright home in Gencoe is showing it's age.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Booth Cottage’ in Glencoe, IL


Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1913, the Booth Cottage in Glencoe, Illinois, sold for $550,000 last week, days after it was listed as one of the most “endangered” historical sites in the state. The one-story, 1,755-square-foot home on a third of an acre was declared a local landmark more than two decades ago but is not protected from demolition under village code.

The one-story house originally served as a temporary home for the family of Sherman and Elizabeth Booth during the construction of their larger home in what became Ravine Bluffs. The cottage was later moved to its current location on Franklin Road, where it is now located amid much larger homes.

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Wright's trademark wooden interior is still intact in this home too.
The interior of the Frank Lloyd Wright home in Glencoe, IL – Photo: Realtor.com

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