Ever Thought of Writing For Donations or Contacting a Billionaire, Millionaire, or CEO at Their Private Residence?

Most billionaires have foundations that give money to people.

Billionaire Mailing List – The TRUE Source To All U.S. Billionaires Home Addresses


Billionaire Mailing List has spent thousands of hours compiling the most accurate list of postal mailing addresses of the countries wealthiest people as gathered by Forbes magazine. This is truly the most exclusive list of real postal mailing addresses of all United States billionaires homes you can find….ANYWHERE in the WORLD.  Our addresses are hand-found using internet search queries with information found from the thousands of articles published about the person and their families. This information is then used to gather and hone in on building permits and construction items given a certain address for delivery. It is then checked for verification with purveyors that have delivered items to that particular address. Once we have all input gathered, we then have a team that uses their own internal intelligence of investigation and gives their conclusion of the most likely address that is available for mail delivery for that particular person.

The addresses are then confirmed using the NCOA (National Change of Addresses) to confirm the mail receptacle is in place and currently accepting postal mail.  We then verify the address, name, home info, phone, email, and additional info with Melissa.com, the place for true verification, a REAL corporate standard, wildly used and relied on, the go-to place for address confirmation, changes, and information.

If you have a business or product that you would like to market to the wealthy, the Billionaire Mailing List is the first stop for many high profile establishments.  With many accolades and awards, our product is the silent way many places find their corporate sponsors, with them asking for donations, sponsorships, or even just attendance at a function.

Most people and places do NOT have access to the millionaire, billionaire or CEO’s private contact information, but by using the Billionaire Mailing List and other packages available from them, you can communicate with thousands of influential people from all walks of life.

Lists of this caliber and usefulness, are normally priced at thousands of dollars, though there are none we know of that has the exclusive information we do. But because Billionaire Mailing List was started for and is really here to help those less fortunate that can’t afford to pay for personally trying to contact the wealthy, we offer our lists at an extreme discount. We are not here to make money, only here to help those that need or want to contact those people that CAN help them.

We need to say however, we can not and do not help you find money, we only offer the lists at a discounted price, THAT is our help. Please do not write and ask us for help….All we offer ARE the addresses, 12 sample letters to help YOU write the perfect letter to the wealthy person, and a few other items as told on our pricing page – Order the Exclusive Billionaire Mailing List.

(We are sorry, but to keep the purchase cost low, we can’t give individual help/advice. Please search the internet with any questions.  However, if it is about your order, feel free to contact us at the email given when purchasing.)

Thank you for your interest in the Billionaire Mailing List – A Division of Our World of Wealth – KMW Enterprises.

Billionaires that really give away money for free. All you have to do is ask. Real billionaires and millionaires giving money AWAY.
Write or Contact Billionaires, Millionaires, or CEO’s. Many wealthy people who donate – give money do so privately, you just have to have the correct address of where to write and know how to ask for donations, money, or whatever it is you want. We offer the contact addresses of ALL U.S. Billionaires, along with Millionaires and CEO’s that may donate, give money away, or help with investments or scholarships. Get Your Copy Today!


Sorry! We do NOT offer email addresses of billionaires or millionaires. Email addresses and letters to people whom have not asked for them are considered SPAM and are illegal in the United States!  We do not endorse or support any illegal practices. We thank you for your understanding. When trying to contact the wealthy and super rich, our postal mailing addresses for the U.S. billionaires home addresses are much better anyways!  Your chances of contacting them is about 50% more effective than with an email address, which is deleted quite easily.  The easy way is NOT always the best way. Postal, hand written letters, are answered 75% more often than email letters. (Reported by U.S. Department of Commerce)




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  1. I am interested in what the wealthy invest in. What would be a great starter options for regular people to invest in? What are investments that are not common knowledge that we can invest in? Thank you!

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