Facebook Responds to The New York Times' Blockbuster Exposé

Bloomberg via Getty Images
The New York Times recently published a bruising Facebook report saying, among other things, that the social network knew about Russian interference well before it said, feared Trump supporters and lobbied against critics. The nature of the article stunned even jaded tech observers, but now Facebook has issued a point-by-point rebuttal. It denied that it knew about Russian activity as early as spring of 2016, prevented security chief Alex Stamos from looking into it and that it discouraged employees from using iPhones out of spite for Tim Cook’s comments.
Because of the length and complexity of the original article, the NYT published a mini-version with “6 key takeaways.” The first, and most devastating, is that Facebook found signs well before the election, in the spring of 2016, that Russian hackers were “poking around the Facebook accounts of people linked to American presidential campaigns.” Worse, it claimed that the company held the information back, even internally, for “over a year.”

Read more starting at ‘Mark and Sheryl have been deeply involved in the fight’ at….

Facebook responds to the New York Times’ blockbuster exposé

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