FBI Investigating Possible Wrongdoing By Inspector on Bel-Air Mansion, Built By Billionaire

FBI investigating possible wrongdoing by inspector on Bel-Air mansion, city investigator testifies

A Los Angeles city employee who inspected a colossal mansion under construction in Bel-Air received “items of value” in connection with that work, according to a city investigator.

During a deposition earlier this month, special investigator Randolph Osborne said a city probe had turned up evidence of possible wrongdoing by a Department of Building and Safety inspector. Osborne, who works for the personnel department, said there was “not necessarily … proof of taking bribes, but receiving items of value.”

He testified that he had turned over information to the FBI because he believed “there was a crime potentially committed.”
The details of what Osborne found — including who was involved and what was provided to the building inspector — remain unclear. Under Los Angeles rules, city officials are barred from accepting gifts when it is “reasonably foreseeable” that it could influence them in performing their official work.

The Times obtained information about Osborne’s testimony by reviewing a transcript of his deposition.
The testimony, part of an ongoing fight over the fate of the mammoth house, underscores concerns about the role of the city in the Bel-Air saga.
“It appears to answer the question people have been asking for years: How in the world could this massive illegal structure have been built in full view of city building inspectors?” said attorney George Soneff, who represents neighbors suing Mohamed Hadid, the real estate developer behind the project.
Hadid pleaded no contest last year to criminal charges involving illegal construction on the unfinished mansion in Bel-Air. After the city revoked its permits, prosecutors accused Hadid of building a house that was bigger and taller than allowed and included bedrooms, decks and other areas that the city said were never approved.
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FBI investigating possible wrongdoing by inspector on Bel-Air mansion, city investigator testifies

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