Finally FACE THE TRUTH, Bryan Singer, You Are NOT a Victim of a ‘Homophobic Smear’

Director Singer – FACE THE TRUTH – The Daily Beast

An Opinion By Daily Beasts  Tim Teeman

Movie director (and another alleged serial abuser) Bryan Singer is claiming that an article written in The Atlantic, researched and written over many months and with 50 sources and that lays out specific allegations of abuse, is a “homophobic smear piece.”

It is nothing of the kind. Singer either genuinely thinks it is, or thinks he can gaslight the world into thinking it is, and make it go away accordingly. Either way, he’s wrong, and offensively so—just as Spacey was wrong when he thought that making a bid for public sympathy was an adequate response to Anthony Rapp’s accusations and pain.

Singer thinks that just by saying something is “homophobic” that it will act as kind of fire blanket on the accusations within the piece. It will not, but it makes an offensive mockery of the very real homophobia LGBT people face in America and abroad, whether it be murder, beatings, their sexuality and/or gender identities being made illegal, and all kinds of discrimination.

If you have also been abused by Singer or any of his buddies, PLEASE come forward. We need to STOP this man from ruining more lives.

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