Formula One’s Daniel Ricciardo snags a $9 million Beverly Hills (Post Office) bachelor pad

In the spring,” according to Alfred, Lord Tennyson, “a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” That’s still true, of course. But ol’ Al lived back in the day, back when young men loved spinning poetry verses and owning the finest horses. Nowadays, savvy (and wealthy) young fellas amuse themselves by spinnin’ the tires on Ferraris and owning sexy bachelor pads in the hills.
Take Daniel Ricciardo. Still a very young man — not yet 30, in fact. But he’s got money and fame. While most of us ignorant Yanks (Yolanda included) have never before heard of this Aussie lad, he’s a very big deal in Europe and to anyone who follows Formula One, the world’s premier motorsport racing competition. Since the 2014 season, Mr. Ricciardo has competed in F1. And very lucratively, we might add — he was reportedly paid $6 million per year at the start of his professional career.
But life in the fast lane hasn’t all been fun and games for our Mr. Ricciardo. Our online research indicates that he’s faced some challenges in F1. He notoriously clashed — both personally and literally on the racetrack — with at least one of his Red Bull Racing teammates and was eventually ordered (by his bosses) to apologize to the team. That could be why — a couple months ago — Mr. Ricciardo announced his departure from Red Bull in favor of a new contract with Renault for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.
We don’t profess any knowledge of Mr. Ricciardo’s total net worth, but his new contract is rumored to be worth a whopping $70 million. Ka-ching!
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Formula One’s Daniel Ricciardo snags a $9 million Beverly Hills (Post Office) bachelor pad

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