Fort Worth Billionaire Robert Bass' Aupersonic Jet Ambitions Are A Step Closer To Reality

Lockheed Martin to build supersonic jet that quiets the sound barrier
General Electric Co. has completed its initial design for the first commercial supersonic aircraft engine in five decades, a major hurdle for developing private planes and, perhaps eventually, jetliners that fly faster than the speed of sound.
The twin-shaft, twin-fan design will slash travel times by hours after 50 years in which the average speed of private jets has increased only 10 percent, GE said in a statement Monday. The engine is being designed for Aerion, a startup backed by Texas billionaire Robert Bass, who has been trying to develop a supersonic business jet for more than a decade.
“Instead of going faster, cabins have increased in size and become more comfortable and range has become longer,” Brad Mottier, GE vice president for business aviation, said in a statement. “The next step is speed.”
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Fort Worth billionaire Robert Bass’ supersonic jet ambitions are a step closer to reality

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