Gerard Butler covertly acquires two “architectural masterpieces” on Malibu’s Point Dume

Driveway Leading to Gerald Butler new house in Point Dume
Though he’s a born-and-bred Scot, versatile actor and ultra-eligible bachelor Gerard Butler(300, Phantom of the Opera, P.S. I Love You, How to Train Your Dragon, Olympus Has Fallen) has — for the last couple years, at least — resided primarily in Malibu.
Mr. Butler first tested the (cold) Malibu waters by leasing a rather stunning ranch from hotshot Malibu realtor Chris Cortazzo for a lengthy period of time.
It was here at his leased ranch, Yolanda believes, where Mr. Butler got a rather — ahem — unwelcome surprise one night. As was first reported by The National Enquirer, of all publications — upon his return home one night our boy was assaulted by two squealing dingbat fangurls. “I LOVE YOU!!!” “MARRY US AND GIVE BIRTH TO OUR BABIES!!” “CATCH THESE PANTIES!!!” the koo-koo Katies belched. Or something like that.
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Gerard Butler covertly acquires two “architectural masterpieces” on Malibu’s Point Dume

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