Harley Clarke Mansion in 'overall good working order,' according to preservation commission, report

The Harley Clarke Mansion in Evanston, IL
The east facade of the Harley Clarke Mansion in Evanston, July 13, 2018. (Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune)

I am originally from the north side of Chicago and I will tell you that most people living in Evanston, IL., have some money. So why the city’s City Council, the Evanston City Council that is, wants to demolish the Harley Clarke mansion, a mansion everyone enjoys seeing and doesn’t mind being there, is beyond me. The council has voted to demolish the mansion, yet most don’t want it done. The Evanston City Council is out of touch as many of them are snotty old curmudgeons that need to be replaced. The mansion needs to stay and the people NEED to rebel against them.
Isn’t it enough that the city’s people voted and said they wanted the mansion to stay?
A referendum on the Nov. 6 election ballot asked Evanston voters if they wanted to see the mansion preserved at minimal taxpayer expense. About 80 percent of voters said “yes,” according to unofficial results from the Cook County clerk’s office.
Somebody with power needs to step in and stop all this nonsense.  Or are what the majority of the people say, no longer a valid argument for anything anymore? I thought that is how our countries founders  wanted it? Or didn’t they? Hell, I guess not, with Trump being able to dump all over us, majority doesn’t rule in 2018 or beyond. We need to demand our rights are still in place in every part of the USA.
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Harley Clarke Mansion in ‘overall good working order,’ according to preservation commission, report

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