Historic Castle Cuilt to Replace One Gifted to Catherine of Aragon by Henry VIII and Dubbed the 'Most Gorgeous in Christendom' Goes on Sale for $2.5 Million

A historic castle, pictured, in Devizes, Wiltshire, has gone on the market for 2.5 million
Devizes Castle

Henry VIII had the castle originally built.
Historic Devizes Castle in Devizes, Wiltshire now for sale.

A castle built on top of ruins of a former Royal household once dubbed ‘the most gorgeous in Christendom’ has gone on the market for £2.5million.

Devizes Castle in Wiltshire was once owned by the Crown for around 500 years after it was claimed by King Stephen of Blois in the 1130s.

The Grade I-listed building has lots of period features, such as castellations, turrets, stone mullioned windows, impressive fireplaces and oak floors.

It was passed down through the Royal family over the years and was frequently visited by monarchs including King John, Henry III and Edward I, while Henry VIII gifted it to his first wife Catherine of Aragon, although it was later reclaimed after their divorce.

The castle was then destroyed in 1648 during the English Civil War, three years after loyalist troops were defeated in a siege by Parliamentarians.

A new castle was built on the site in the 1840s as a private home, and has since been split into two, with the larger property on the market with Savills.

Devizes Castle is steeped in history and dates to 1080 when a motte and bailey castle was built by the Bishop of Salisbury.
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Historic castle built to replace one gifted to Catherine of Aragon by Henry VIII and dubbed the ‘most gorgeous in Christendom’ goes on sale for £2.5m

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