Historic English Estate on Nearly 700 Acres Asks $10 Million

The castle was once entirely surrounded by a moat, and although the moat has since dried up, an 18th century bridge off the walled kitchen garden still stretches over what remains of the moat.

The 17th century manor house now adjoins the medieval castle. Photo courtesy of Savills


A sprawling 693-acre estate in Gloucestershire, England, with a historic medieval castle is now asking £10 million (US$12.9 million).

Located in the town of Tetbury, Beverston Castle, which listed on May 2, was built in 1225 and later altered during the 14th century.

The stone fortress was largely damaged during the English Civil War and is now uninhabitable. However, a 17th century manor house is adjacent to the castle’s remains, which includes a chapel, parts of the original gatehouse and a courtyard.

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