How To Control Your Estate From The Grave

How much control do you want to exercise over your children and their inheritance after you die? As macabre as it sounds, people often want their “dead hands” reaching up from the grave, manipulating what their offspring can do. But how much control should you exercise, and how much is too much?

Estate planners often advise clients that they should not exhibit too much control over their beneficiaries after they have died. It could lead to more problems. After all, you do not know how your future descendants will turn out. They may wind up being perfectly nice and well-balanced people who are financially responsible, instead of the cast of characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show who show up to your Thanksgiving table every year bringing “hangers on” and “ne’er do wells” with them. If your future heirs turn out all right, why tie their hands? Why not let them have control over their inheritance?
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